Reporting Out

The Committee intends to report out in three ways. 

First, we will immediately amplify key issues raised in the presentations and take action on urgent matters brought to our attention. For example, when the Committee visited the Cariboo in early April 2015 we heard a new urgency among farmers about the impact of ALR land being used for carbon-offset schemes. We raised this issue in Legislature and reached out to the media. The Globe and Mail covered this issue extensively, here, here and here. You can also watch a Question Period exchange on the issue below. We continue to work actively on this file.

Second, we will use this website as a permanent and public record of our work. Our goal is to make presentations made by farmers and advocates available on this site in written, powerpoint and/or video format. In this way, the policy suggestions and informed criticisms of farmers and agriculture experts themselves will be directly available to all.

Third, as per our Terms of Reference, the Committee will prepare a report at the conclusion of our public meeting tour which summarizes what we learned and presents our recommendations for future action.

Lana Popham, MLA Saanich South & Committee Chair

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Chilliwack June 2015: From the Highlight Reel